Made of 100% medical silicone harmless to the skin It is hypoallergenic, orthopaedic, and has maximum level of elasticity Prevents various foot pain, leg pains, waist pains and knee pains which is caused by standing for too long time Helps pressure distribution equally on soles with its anatomical design and supports; and prevents sudden pressures on forefoot and heel It is can be used comfortably during walking, working, and sport activities Used for forefoot and toe deformities, plantar pain, pressure redistribution arthralgia Calcaneal and epic area is made of special softer silicone in different color Relieves pressure which causes pain on heelAbsorbs grounds reaction power Supported with special orthopedic harder silicone arch in the medial side which supports anatomically the flat arch of the footCorrect and modify the axes of the leg which help equal distribution of body`s weight on the knees and footRelieves the pains caused by un equal distribution of body`s weight on the knees and footUsed for Flat foot

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